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Ashtanga Flow

Ashtanga Flow is a vigorous and dynamic form of Hatha Yoga that can revitalize and connect the body, mind and soul. Ashtanga Yoga (the eight limbs of yoga) is based on a specialized sequencing of postures and focused breathing techniques. In this class you will learn the foundations of Ashtanga Yoga in a safe non-intimidating environment. This class is based off of the Ashtanga Primary Series. Vinyasa Flow fans are sure to love this class! This class will improve your focus, flexibility and strength.




                                                                                               "Practice and All is coming"
                                                                                                     -K. Pattabhi Jois

"I previously shared that I ended 6 weeks of physical therapy the week before I joined your studio. I had debilitating back pain (due to multiple tramas) that routinely left me unable to stand up. I was getting spinal steroid injections and sometimes had to take pain meds to make it through a routine day of physical activity. As you can see from my progress I am stronger and more flexible than ever! Your Astanga classes have dramatically improved the quality of my life! I will forever be grateful to both of you and wish you much prosperity as you continue to grow your studio. Thank you. :)"

--Nava Yoga Student


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