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Prenatal Yoga and Postnatal Yoga


Prenatal Yoga

Discover your strength and truth through the heroic and transformative journey of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. Cherish your pregnancy and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow moms-to-be as you develop strength, courage, flexibility, and calm in preparation for childbirth. Take time to relax, release, and attune to your changing body and your rapidly growing baby within. Through the gentle guidance of certified prenatal yoga teacher, Gail Walker, find relief from common discomforts associated with pregnancy, including fatigue, low back pain, leg cramps, upper back and shoulder tightness, swelling of the hands and feet, round ligament pain, nausea and indigestion, sciatica, headache, stress, anxiety, doubt and fear.  Relax, recharge, stretch, and strengthen while connecting with yourself, your baby, and other moms-to-be.   

Prenatal Yoga is offered per request. Please call or email to set up a Prenatal Yoga Session.

Please bring a written blessing from your Doctor to partake in a prenatal yoga class.


Postnatal Yoga

A woman’s body is always in transition but a baby changes everything! Once a woman becomes a mother, everything changes—her body, her obligations, her priorities. But, the essential “you” remains and deserves your love. Take time to nurture yourself, nourish your spirit, body, and mind, and reconnect with your innate strength and wisdom, so you and your family can thrive. This yoga class is geared towards mothers with children of any age, helping you connect with your inner resources to face the challenges of motherhood feeling calm, relaxed, and balanced, healthy, vital, and strong. Relax, recharge, stretch, strengthen, and tone, while connecting with yourself and others.

Postnatal Yoga is offered per request. Please call or email to set up a Postnatal Yoga Session.



If you have questions regarding the prenatal or postnatal yoga, please call 727-592-1999 or email us at



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